DPP Representatives to Attend Analytica Munich Fair 2024

March 21, 2024

As a leading manufacturer specialized in precision gear and metering pumps for fluid management across various industries, Diener Precision Pumps is excited to announce its attendence in the upcoming Analytica Munich fair, scheduled from April 9th to 12th, 2024. While DPP will not have an exhibition presence, its representatives will actively engage with professionals and experts at the event.

For over five decades, Analytica Munich has served as a crucial meeting point for industry professionals, renowned as the pinnacle of innovative laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology. The fair covers a wide range of topics concerning laboratories for both industry and research, fostering collaboration and showcasing cutting-edge advancements.

DPP’s Senior Sales Director Thomas Elefant will attend the fair alongside other company representatives. While DPP won’t unveil any specific exhibits, its presence at Analytica Munich underscores its dedication to fostering connections and remaining at the forefront of advancements in fluid management technology across diverse sectors. As experienced manufacturers of fluid pumps for laboratory, medical and life sciences systems, including IVD diagnostics, hemodialysis and dialysis systems, disinfection, cooling, and food analysis and management systems, DPP eagerly anticipate the opportunity to observe the latest developments and engage with key industry leaders.

Automated pipetting machine in a modern laboratory

With nearly 900 exhibitors, 26,500 visitors, and 55,000 square meters of exhibition space, Analytica Munich stands as the largest trade fair for analysis, laboratory technology, and biotechnology globally. Spanning five exhibition halls filled with knowledge and expertise, it showcases innovative products, systems, components, and applications that encompass the entire laboratory value chain. It serves as the ultimate congregation of global players, where market leaders, scientists, and experts convene to exchange ideas and insights. Nearly half of the exhibitors and visitors come from abroad, underlining its international prominence and appeal.

As Analytica Munich continues to uphold its position as the premier international trade fair, DPP looks forward to engaging with fellow industry leaders and contributing to the ongoing dialogue shaping the future of laboratory technology and biotechnology.


DPP is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to global OEMs, offering customized precision gear and metering pumps in medium to large series tailored to meet the unique requirements of their fluid management systems. We prioritize fostering collaborative partnerships with our clients, placing utmost importance on the success of their analytical endeavors and the well-being of their patients. Our focus lies in developing fully customized, highly accurate fluid transfer, metering, mixing, and micro-dosing pumps. Explore our comprehensive range of flagship precision micro-gear and metering pumps through the provided links, and for a broad overview of potential applications, visit the Pump Applications section.

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