Dual-Precision Series Micro-Metering Pump

Innovative design allows precise mixing, simultaneous dosing or out-of-phase delivery.


  • Mixing
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Robust
  • Adjustable Stroke Volume
  • Customizable
  • Tested and Guaranteed

Piston Sizes:

  • 4 mm
  • 6.34 mm
  • 9 mm


With and without self-rinsing


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The Dual-Precision Series’ innovative design allows precise mixing, simultaneous dosing or out-of-phase delivery. Combining two metering pumps on a single motor saves space and reduces motor control requirements without sacrificing precision. Furthermore, relative dispense volumes never change because the pumps are driven by the same shaft.

Using different size pump heads and using different calibrations allow mixing ratios as high as 160:1. Rinse port options are available when pumping fluids that form precipitates.

The speed and direction are detected by an optical sensor for feedback independent of the stepper motor.

Depending on size, each pump head is capable of a displacement of 25 to 500 µL / stroke.


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The Dual Series dosing pumps are manufactured for mixing ratios from 1:1 to 160:1. With two calibrated pumps connected to the same motor you'll never have to worry about relative motor speeds.

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DPP pumps are all characterized by their robustness and performance. Wear and tear is at its lowest, and their smart designs ensure a sustainable reduction of operating costs.

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Adjustable Stroke Volume

Our pumps are versatile. With angle adjustment, a metering pump can deliver various doses. This allows you to relieve one metering pump of larger volumes and create synergy.

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Chemically Resistant

Our pumps are made from materials that are resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals. This means our pumps can also operate reliably and precisely in even the most severe environments.

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Every pump that leaves our factory is made-to-measure and designed exactly according to the technical requirements of our customers. All pumps are permanently marked for lot control identification.

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100% Outgoing Test

Before any pump leaves our factory, it is stringently and extensively tested in accordance with its specifications. Test results are included for all pumps to confirm specification conformity.

  • Dual-Precision Series Micro-Dosing and Mixing Applications

    • Life Science Analytical – Diagnostics
    • IVD Diagnostics
    • Precision Dispensing / Dosing
    • Precision Mixing or Dual Delivery
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  • Quality Control – 100% Outgoing Test

    Before any Dual-Precision metering pump leaves our factory, it is stringently and extensively tested in accordance to customer specifications. Test results are included for all pumps and the pumps are permanently marked for easy lot control traceability.

    DPP is certified to ISO 9001 and operates a clean room according to ISO Class 7.

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  • Max. continuous pressure: 4 bar
  • Max. intermittent pressure: 6 bar
  • Max. static case pressure: 6 bar
  • Inlet: Self-priming
  • Accuracy: 1% of full scale
  • Repeatability: Typically < 0.5%
  • Speed range: 0 -500 rpm
  • Fluid viscosity range: 0.3 -100 cps


  • Motor Type: Stepper
  • Step Angle: 1.8 ̊
  • Stepper Motor Winding Configuration: Bipolar
  • Rotation: Reversible
  • Max Current: 2.8 Amp
  • Connection: Wire leads (22 AWG)
  • Sensor (speed/position): Optical Square Wave


  • Fluid temperature range: 0-100 ̊C
  • Ambient air temp. range: 0-60 ̊C
  • Relative humidity range: 10-95% non-condensing


  • Wetted Materials:
  • - Ceramic: Alumina
  • - Pump Housing: PVDF, PP, PTFE
  • - Seals: Teflon or UHMWPE
  • Process Ports: Barb,1/4”-28 UNF, 1/4” and 6mm Push-Connect

Datasheets and Resources

Please use the links below to request access to the product datasheets and 3D STEP files.

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