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Pump Engineering and Prototyping

Diener Precision Pumps engineer pumps to fulfil your OEM pump requirements. Designing and manufacturing pumps is what we do. Starting with standard gear and piston sizes, we design, build, test, and refine. The end result is a pump that performs to your exact specification.

Diener Pumps Engineering and Prototyping

As a long-term pump manufacturer, we understand the importance of quick time-to-market, so we have our own prototype shop capable of creating prototypes days after initial contact. Our fluids lab contains state-of-the-art test equipment that enable testing across a wide range of environmental conditions. We design our own endurance test rigs to perform accelerated life tests and product reliability validation.

At DPP’s California R&D facility, we continuously design and test new concepts, materials, electronics, and systems. Innovative design features assure long pump life and low installed cost.

Here is a range of different pistons sizes for metering pumps and different gears for gear pumps customisation :

Custom-made metering pumps from Diener Precision pumps Custom-made gears for gear pumps by Diener Precision Pumps

As your project moves through your prototype phase, Diener’s engineers work with your technical staff to answer questions, make changes and provide technical documentation. Where necessary, we assist with regulatory certifications and compliance. As new pumps are released to production, Diener’s engineering team is there to help debug any system-level issues and ensure a smooth product launch.

DPP’s pump manufacturer reputation for technical design excellence, fast prototyping, superior quality, and ongoing customer service are the reasons we are the preferred partner for your OEM pump manufacturing requirements.

custom-made gear pump by DPP
An example of custom-made DPP gear pump solution
A series of customised DPP Silencer LD Series gear pumps
A series of customised DPP Silencer LD Series gear pumps

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