Frequently Asked Questions

Here is our FAQ, if you need more information or have a question not listed here, please contact us, we will be happy to inform you.

  • We perform all prototype design/construction from our California R&D facility. Prototype design/fabrication range from 2-15 days. Prices vary depending on complexity.

  • Custom is sometimes misinterpreted to mean expensive. This is not the case. Designing a pump for a specific application ensures optimum performance, a small package size, minimum power consumption and long life—resulting in space savings, low power consumption and a lower installed cost.

  • DPP designs and manufactures custom pumps to fulfill your OEM equipment requirements.

  • DPP tests at your operating conditions. This ensures that the pump performs to expectation before you validate in your equipment. We are also capable of conducting long-term endurance testing, environmental and chemical compatibility testing.

  • No. Every pump is designed and tailored to our customer’s exact needs. We have a minimum volume requirement of 100 pieces/year.

  • The customer provides DPP with the performance requirements via an Application Data Sheet (ADS). DPP uses this information to size the pump, design the interfaces and set up the test/validation program.

  • This depends on the application (flows, pressures, fluid cleanliness, duty-cycle, etc…) Our engineering team is experienced in life-enhancing designs and takes this into consideration with each application. In many applications, our pumps out last the life of the instrument.

  • The wetted materials are chosen to be compatible with your fluids. DPP uses inert materials wherever possible to resist a wider range of fluids.

  • Yes.

  • Yes.

  • A magnetic coupling is used in the gear pumps to transmit torque from the motor to the pump without a shaft seal, ensuring no leaks and easier cleaning.

  • DPP gear pumps are typically fitted with BLDC, conventional DC and AC motors. DPP metering pumps are usually attached to either stepper or BLDC servo motors (to maintain dispense accuracy).

  • A metering pump is a positive displacement pump that accurately moves small fluid volumes. DPP metering pumps use a ceramic piston with a variable displacement feature to “dial in” exact flow rates.

  • A gear pump contains two-or-more gears that rotate, carrying small pockets of fluid between the gear teeth. These pockets are squeezed as the gears mesh, forcing the fluid out.

  • Our manufacturing is performed at our facility in Switzerland to the highest Swiss quality and workmanship. All design, development and prototyping is performed at our R&D facility in California.

  • Our manufacturing is performed to ISO 9001:2015. Further certifications for environmental, sanitary, and medical standards are available on a case-by-case basis—consult our factory for details.

  • In general, the pumps last so long servicing is not required. If performance does drop, it is more cost effective to replace the pump head than to service it.