Precision Micro-dosing and Metering Pumps

Simple but ingenious design coupled with precision Swiss engineering makes the DPP Precision Series pumps the most reliable and accurate.

DPP Metering pumps precision 4 6 34 Rinse Precision dual piston mixing pump
  • Key Features

    The Precision Series pumps are constructed to deliver the same flow quantities with consistency and reliability.

    Each pump is made from materials that are resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals. Our clients can be assured their pumps will operate reliably and precisely in even the most severe environments.

    All pumps can be cleaned quickly, easily and thoroughly without having to be removed, thus ensuring increased productivity and reduced costs.

Micro-Dosing and Metering Pump Applications

With their excellent delivery accuracy and reliability, the Precision and Dual-Precision Series micro-dosing and metering pumps are perfect for use in the following applications.

Micro-Dosing and Metering Pumps


Engineer Your Micro-dosing or Metering Pump

Whether for laboratory or medical technology, diagnostics or complex industrial applications, every customer requires a micro-dosing or metering pump manufacturing solution tailored precisely to match their needs.

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  • The first step is to define your requirements as clearly as possible, starting with your specifications.

  • Our engineering team will review your requirements and start the dialog to clarify performance requirements. We contact your team, share technical information and CAD models, and establish project goals and timelines.

  • Diener have a dedicated prototype shop where we can create or modify designs to fit your needs. We understand the need to stay on schedule, so our goal is to provide prototype sample pumps within days of receiving your enquiry.

  • The validation/verification step ensures we’ve met your requirements. A complete review of pump manufacturing processes ensures that we can consistently provide the highest quality product within your budget limits.

Build a Custom Pump to Your Specific Requirements

Our engineers and technical experts are eager to design a pump to your requirements.

DPP Dual Precision Series Micro-Metering Pumps with Threaded In and Out Ports