• About Diener Precision Pumps

    Diener Precision Pumps provides engineered pumps for medium and high volume OEM customers in the high-tech fluids markets. Our pumps are customized to give customers exactly what they need. This reduces engineering costs, procurement costs, and shortens installation times for a lower “installed” cost.

    Our products are manufactured to very tight tolerances to ensure consistent pump-to-pump performance. They are quiet, durable, and very compact. Sophisticated drive electronics allows quick pump responses to changing flow and pressure requirements. Each pump is 100% tested and laser-marked to ensure we’ve met customer requirements and guarantee traceability.


The DPP OEM Pump Series

Whether you need micro-dosing/metering or the continuous high pressure pulseless flows of our gear pumps, Diener has the product range to meet your requirements.

The pumps below are the basis for medium and large OEM production variants. All pumps are customized to suit customer requirements.

Your custom pump solution

Follow the steps below and help us develop a pump that delivers the performance you need.

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  • We start with a full definition of your requirements beginning with your specifications.

  • Our engineering team will review your requirements and start the dialog to clarify performance requirements. We contact your team, share technical information and CAD models, and establish project goals and timelines.

  • Diener have a dedicated prototype shop where we can create or modify designs to fit your needs. We understand the need to stay on schedule, so our goal is to provide prototype sample pumps within days of receiving your inquiry.

  • The validation/verification step ensures we’ve met your requirements. A complete review of manufacturing processes ensures that we can consistently provide the highest quality product within your budget limits.

Commercial and Industrial Pumps Applications

Discover our portfolio of precise, high-performance and robust dosing pumps and gear pumps for your individual area of application.

Commitment to Quality

At DPP, quality is more than just a word, quality is our conviction, our philosophy and what we achieve every day. From product development in Lodi, California, to production in Embrach, Switzerland and to providing support to our customers, there is only one standard we live by, to offer the very best.

  • All raw materials can be traced back 100 percent by batch to their origins.
  • All products are tested 100 percent prior to shipping.
  • To ensure high quality, we continuously invest in training, equipment, and R&D.
DDP Precision Gear Pump

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • We perform all prototype design/construction from our California R&D facility. Prototype design/fabrication range from 2-15 days. Prices vary depending on complexity.

  • Custom is sometimes misinterpreted to mean expensive. This is not the case. Designing a pump for a specific application ensures optimum performance, a small package size, minimum power consumption and long life—resulting in space savings, low power consumption and a lower installed cost.

  • DPP designs and manufactures custom pumps to fulfill your OEM equipment requirements.

  • DPP tests at your operating conditions. This ensures that the pump performs to expectation before you validate in your equipment. We are also capable of conducting long-term endurance testing, environmental and chemical compatibility testing.

  • No. Every pump is designed and tailored to our customer’s exact needs. We have a minimum volume requirement of 100 pieces/year.

  • The customer provides DPP with the performance requirements via an Application Data Sheet (ADS). DPP uses this information to size the pump, design the interfaces and set up the test/validation program.

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