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About Diener Precision Pumps

California high-tech engineering meets Swiss precision machining

Diener Precision Pumps (DPP) has been manufacturing precision metering and gear pumps for more than 25 years. What makes our products so unique can be summed up with one word: quality.

At DPP, advanced engineering competence from California‘s high-tech center meets world famous precision manufacturing from Switzerland.

At our company, experts work for experts, and engineers work for engineers. It goes without saying that our one-of-a-kind quality is backed up by a 360-degree service policy.


Customer-centric design and service

Each and every product is developed precisely according to the customer‘s specifications and supported by our employees from the prototype stage to completion.

Our customers reward us for this approach with exceptional loyalty and long-lasting relationships.

Proven customer satisfaction:

  • More than 2.5 million pumps sold since the company was established
  • Return ratio: far below 0.1 percent
  • High customer loyalty: 90% of our customers have been purchasing with us for more than 15 years

The demands required of precision pumps are extremely high. Just as the heart does for humans, they ensure that complex machines run flawlessly. This is why we are always on the lookout for the perfect solution for you.

To achieve this, quite a few services must go hand in hand. The first step: As a well-versed pump manufacturer, we know our customers’ industries and we listen. This allows us to work together with you to develop precise solutions for your special problems.

Engineering competence is needed to realize this: Our experienced staff in the high-tech center of California know precisely how to adjust our pump solutions to match your expectations.

And, to ensure that the pumps perform impeccably in day-to-day operation, our pump manufacturing plant in Switzerland ensures with the precision the country is known for that specifications are implemented to a “T.” For example, the prototype that you have tested is produced in series without any deviations to the initial sample – even if production quantities are extremely high.

For us, precision means: consistent performance, exactly according to the customer’s specifications, time and time again.


Doug Robinson CEO
Doug Robinson, CEO Diener Precision Pumps
Rolf Diener, Chairman Diener Precision Pumps
Rolf Diener, Chairman Diener Precision Pumps

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With their excellent delivery accuracy and consistency, DPP precision pumps are perfect for applications where your flow needs to be perfect each and every time.
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