Cooling Systems and Laser Cooling Precision Pumps

Precision gear pumps made by pump manufacturer Diener are the ideal choice for cooling systems, whether thebe water, water/glycol, di-electric, or freon-based.  

Their compact size and pulseless high–pressure output lend are ideal to cool lasers in handheld surgical instruments or in flashlamps (skin rejuvenation), where a lot of heat needs to be removed from very compact areas.   

Our magnet coupling has no seals and is leak-proof. On-board speed control allows immediate flow adjustment to match your cooling load. 

The high static case-pressure rating of our gear pumps will withstand R-134a pre-charge pressures (up to 20 bar), making them ideal for use with cold plates and computer server cooling racks. 

Pumps that keep their cool

DPP Cooling System 1200-500
DPP Precision Gear pump Cooling-System
Precision dual piston mixing pump

Why DPP pumps are the preferred choice for cooling systems

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Long Life

DPP pumps are all characterized by their robustness and performance. Wear and tear is at its lowest, and their smart designs ensure a sustainable reduction of operating costs. 

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Chemically Resistant

Our pumps are made from materials that are resistant to a wide range of aggressive chemicals. This means our pumps can also operate reliably and precisely in the harshest environments. 

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Every pump that leaves our factory is made-to-measure and designed exactly according to the technical requirements of our customers. All pumps are permanently marked for lot control identification.

  • Key Features

    Materials of construction are self-lubricating and the pumps self-priming, so they can operate dry for short periods and pump a wide range of cooling fluids. The rapid acceleration feature and high volumetric efficiency means the pumps can react immediately to changes in cooling demandespecially important in laser cooling applications.  

    The Diener gear pumps are available with SAE ports and dualo-ring configurations for use with R-134a refrigerants. 


DPP Cooling System Precision Pumps

Case Study – Cooling Systems for Hand-held Surgical Lasers 


  • Heat removal from hand-held surgical lasers requires a pump capable of high flows at high pressures.  
  • The laser is typically mounted in the handpiece and surrounded by glass tubing containing the cooling fluid. Keeping the laser-cooled is critical to the life of the laser and to patient safety.  


Diener’s Silencer gear pump was chosen because of its low inertia and fast speed response, making it easier/safer to control the laser temperature. The low noise and compact size allowed the entire cooling system to be mounted in a small cabinet next to the patient. 

Build a Custom Pump to Your Specific Requirements

Our engineers and technical experts are eager to design a pump to your requirements.

DPP Optima Series Precision Gear Pump