Applicazioni delle pompe per diagnostica in vitro – IVD

Giugno 2, 2022

What is an In-Vitro Diagnostics Device?

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) is the analysis of medical samples, such as blood, tissues, or urine, taken from patients and analyzed outside the body. OEM clinical laboratory instruments use automated fluid delivery and extraction systems to manage sampling and analysis accurately. Diener pumps are at the heart of these systems, working in multiple positions to accurately deliver flows for the life of the instrument.

High fluid throughputs require pumps for quick and accurate transfer and dispensing. These devices typically operate around-the-clock, so reliability and durability are essential to maximize throughput and eliminate downtime.

The Right Pump In The Right Position

Probe Wash

Drop of fluid on the needle

Disinfection of probes and needles between samplings ensures accurate results. The probes can be dipped into disinfectant and rinsed or cleaned internally using high-pressure fluid. Diener have a solution for both.

In the dipping method, Diener precision metering pumps fill and extract cleaning solutions from disinfectant vials. The supply pump dispenses cleaning fluid to the vial and the extraction pump removes it after cleaning. The pump displacement is infinitely adjustable so fluid dispense volumes can be precisely controlled. 


Rinsing probes and needles from within requires high-pressure generation due to the small needle diameters. Diener Silencer gear pumps generate up to 10 bar. The pumps start/stop with each cleaning, minimizing cycle times and increasing instrument throughput. Because they are magnetically coupled, there are no seals to leak, and the compact size allows mounting in very small spaces.

Waste Fluid Removal

Advanced stator Silencer Series Pumps

Waste fluids (blood samples, reagents, buffers, water, etc…) are generally routed to a central waste container in the bottom of the IVD instrument. Diener gear pumps are preferred in this position because they are maintenance-free and have fully adjustable flow rates up to 4 liters/min. Diener’s flow-through design and large internal flow paths allow the pump to pass soft solids without plugging. Unlike centrifugal pumps, gear pumps are self-priming and can be located above the waste reservoir.

Bulk Fluid Transfer   

Diener gear pumps are also ideal for bulk fluid transfer, whether it be replenishing reagents and buffers or the simple transfer of DI water and/or solvents. The oversized gear bearings guarantee long maintenance free life with stable pulseless performance. The high differential pressure capability can overcome the pressure losses across filters, valves, fittings and long tubing lengths. The helical gears ensure quiet operation, and the magnetic coupling eliminates any chance of leaking. The pump is reversible so a single pump can be used when transferring fluids between reservoirs.

Pos-4_Silencer-Smart-2000-02 Micro pompe ad ingranaggi personalizzabili

Reagent and Buffer Metering

Diener’s ceramic metering pumps are ideal for dosing reagent and buffer solutions, where precision dispenses are critical for accurate assays. The internal ceramics are inert to aggressive fluids and do not wear, so pump performance is constant over time. Unlike peristaltic and diaphragm pumps, metering pumps are capable of higher pressures (to six bar) with zero maintenance. The pump displacement is adjustable between 20 and 500 microliters/stroke and the drive train is tuned for quiet operation. The low dead volume conserves precious fluid and lowers operational costs.

pipette with liquid
Customizable Dual Precision Series Metering Pumps

Diener’s metering pumps fill and dispense once per revolution, avoiding the long refill dwell time of syringe pumps. Pump displacement and port configuration options allow for a smaller envelope size and faster installation.

OEM Pump Design

Selecting the correct OEM pump design is the first step toward creating a reliable and efficient device. Close collaboration with our engineers is a must to ensure the pump performs to expectation and is reliable over the life of the instrument. As part of our OEM product development, we test products to customer requirements before providing prototypes and fine-tuning the design features along the way.

Diener provide pumps to clinical chemistry, immunoassay, molecular, hematology and urinalysis instruments. We are experts in selecting the chemically and wear-resistant materials needed for long life. Our emphasis on quality and extremely precise tolerancing ensure quiet operation, excellent hydraulic efficiency, and low power consumption.

Silencer 500 maximum flow graph


Pompe di precisione Diener.


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